Exhibitor manual & Shipping Guide – ICCRF

Move In / Show Day And Move Out Schedule


Chiang Mai International Exhibition and Convention Centre 456 Phatthana Chang Pueak Road, Chang Phueak, Mueang, Chiang Mai 50300 Thailand

Exhibitor badge pick-up28 November 201809.00 - 18.00 hrs.
Move in/show day and move out schedule
Raw space27 - 28 November 201809.00 - 18.00 hrs.
Standard booth28 November 201809.00 - 18.00 hrs.
Exhibition hours29 November - 2 December 201809.00 - 18.00 hrs.
Exhibition Hall open for exhibitor only29 November - 2 December 201808.00 hrs.
Exhibitor move-out2 December 201818.30 - 22.00 hrs.

Rules & Regulations

  1. During the move-in, move-out, and before the exhibition hours, the organizer only allows those who have a contractor or an exhibitor badge to get in the Exhibition Hall.
  2. No additional construction shall be added to the standard booth.
  3. Exhibitors cannot paint the walls/partitions of the standard booth. Anything that exhibitors wish to stick to the walls/partitions of the standard booth must be first approved by the official contractor.
  4. Exhibitors cannot nail, fix or hang any material on any structure of the standard booth, the hall floor, the walls or the ceiling.
  5. The stand must show the company name and the booth number clearly.
  6. The floor within the stand should be covered with carpet or appropriate flooring.
  7. The maximum height of any construction or decoration must not exceed 4 meters.
  8. The rear sides must be neatly decorated with material in plain white color without any logo or ad.
  9. On the side(s) facing the aisle, all structures must have one-third visibility.
  10. If raw space, there must be 1 meter setback from the back and the side walls.
  11. No false ceilings shall be made in the Exhibition Hall.
  12. No flashing and truss are permitted.
  13. All light fittings must be ordered and installed by the official contractor.
  14. Additional electrical installation can be handled by exhibitors’ contractors with inspection and approval by the official contractor.
  15. All materials used in the construction and installation of the booth and any other structures must entirely consist of fire-retardant materials as required by prevailing fire safety regulations.
  16. Booth cleaning upon complete construction is belonged to the responsibilities of exhibitors’ contractors.
Raw Space Exhibition Package means that the exhibitor rents space only and it does not include carpet/flooring, partitions, electricity, furniture and booth cleaning.
Click here for Furniture & Electrical Equipment Rental Form

Exhibitor’s responsibilities

  1. Exhibitors are responsible for any damage caused by their Appointed Outside Contractors.
  2. Exhibitors must submit the stand design (perspective view & dimensions) for the organizer’s approval. In adherence to safety requirements, the organizer reserves the rights to:
  3. i. mandate the stand design and/or decoration amendments and/or
    ii. suspend the constructions and/or operations at its discretion.

Appointed Outside Contractor’s responsibilities

  1. Contractors must be responsible for any damage to the hall (if any) from the beginning until the dismantling of booth construction.
  2. Contractors experience adequate capabilities in the exhibition and assist their exhibitors with full service, if necessary.
  3. Contractors cooperate fully with their exhibitors, the organizer and the official contractor to arrange the success of the exhibition.
  4. No person under any circumstance shall alter any booth structure except when authorized in writing by the organizer. Any of such damage to booth structure or exhibition premises will be invoiced to the exhibitor and/or the exhibitor’s contractor.

    The organizer reserves the right to amend the Rules and Regulations without giving prior notification or any reasons thereof.

Electrical service

For safety reasons and protection of the electrical system installation, all power installations (from source to power input in booths) must be handled by the official contractor. The connection of electricity in booths may be handled by exhibitors and the connection of lighting in booths may be handled by their appointed outside contractors and inspected by the official contractor before the circuits are connected for usage.

Power supply – the standard power supply will cover the needs of the overhead lighting and the 1 power socket (5 Amp/220V/50Hz) included in the standard booth package.

Booth cleaning

The organizer will arrange general cleaning during the show days. Exhibitors will take care of and remove waste caused by working exhibits they demonstrate.

Promotional material

Exhibitors can distribute/display samples, souvenirs, printed materials, etc. in their booths only. Display/distribution in any other area is not permitted.

Loss and damage

The organizer, who acts as the owner of the venue, is responsible for venue management and arrangement during the exhibition period. Exhibitors are responsible for any loss or damage caused by themselves or their appointed outside contractors.

Freight forwarding

Exhibitors are advised to contact Sun Expo Services Co., Ltd. as soon as possible to discuss all details of customs/shipping to the exhibition.

In-hall freight forwarding

For proper on-site freight movement control and arrangement, only the official freight forwarder is permitted to work and operate in the hall with lifting equipment.

Customs clearance

The exhibits/items shipped from overseas via air, sea and courier must be processed by Thai Customs. Exhibitors should contact the official freight forwarder regarding the procedure.

Local delivery

Exhibitors must coordinate with the official freight forwarder regarding any exhibits/items delivered directly to the venue for on-site handling.

Storage and removal of empties

The organizer is unable to provide storage facilities on-site. After exhibits are unpacked from the case/crate/carton box, exhibitors are responsible for removing unwanted materials from booths and the Exhibition Hall. If these items have to be stored until after the show (e.g. for return shipment), exhibitors should coordinate with the official freight forwarder regarding this matter. Goods and/or empties must not be stored in spaces behind or between booths as this may affect neighboring booths.

1. Official Freight Forwarder

Sun Expo Services Co., Ltd.
60/107 Moo 9 Dokmai, Praves
Bangkok 10250 Thailand
Contact Person: Ms. Ning Siripaibool
Tel: +66(0)2 7284452-4 Ext. 406
Fax: +66(0)2 7528545-6
Email: ning@sunexpothai.com

2. Documents

The most important document for all shipments is the commercial invoice/packing list (CIPL). It is recommended to use the CIPL form provided by Sun Expo Services Co., Ltd., as it already includes all necessary components of a CIPL with comprehensive notes on how to fill in. However, it is perfectly fine if exhibitors would like to use their own CIPL, as long as it includes the following:

1. Consignee

2. Noticy

3. Purpose

4. Item Number

5. Case Number


7. Volume (Cubic Meters)

8. Gross Weight

9. Net Weight

10. Harmonized Code

11. Description of Goods

12. Quantity

13. CIF Value

14. Permanent Import

The CIPL will have to be supported by any available brochure/catalogue/picture of the goods indicated in the CIPL.

Consignee’s Details:
Sun Expo Services Co., Ltd.
60/107 Moo 9, Dokmai, Praves
Bangkok 10250 Thailand
ATTN: Ms. Film Somboon / Ms. Ning Siripaibool
Tel: +66(0)2 7284452-4 Ext. 406
Email : film@sunexpothai.com, ning@sunexpothai.com

*** Please make sure that all documents are written in English***

Labelling Format

The labelling format indicates here will also have to be presented and recognizable on the actual case/box as well as on the CIPL for cross checking purposes by the customs officials. The recommended format is as follows:

Exhibition: ICCRF2018
Exhibitor name:
Hall No.: CMECC
Stand No.:
C/No.: For example; case 1/2, case 2/2

3. Permanent Import

All imported goods not bound for re-export are subject to custom duty & tax. This includes goods that are intended for selling, consumption, give-away, or sample in Thailand.

Please inform Sun Expo Services Co., Ltd. if your goods are intended to be sold or returned.

4. Temporary Import – Duty Exemption

There are several ways that exhibits may qualify for duty exemption upon importation, either postponing the custom duty payment or requiring goods to be re-exported out of Thailand. Some of the most common methods for trade shows, fairs, exhibitions are ATA Carnet and Bank Guarantee as these give the most flexibility to cost for individual exhibitor. Please discuss this with Sun Expo Services Co., Ltd.

5. Restricted Goods

All restricted or controlled goods require a temporary import license from the relevant ministry before they can be imported to Thailand. Please note the following:

a. Assume that it will take approximately one month to obtain a temporary import license for your exhibits.
b. A Temporary import license must be approved prior to the arrival of the shipment, otherwise the custom officials might fine and seize the exhibits.
c. All exhibits imported under a temporary license must be re-exported.

The following are a list of restricted items:

  • Defense, security, warfare and weapon related goods (gun, ammunition, gas mask, etc.)
  • Any device that has wireless and/or frequency manipulation capacity (TV, radio, encoder/decoder, transmitter frequency scrambler, etc.)
  • Any goods intended for children (toy, etc.)
  • Any goods intended for human ingestion (medicine, food, beverage, snack, supplement, etc.)
  • Any motor vehicle (car, motorbike, etc.)
  • Any goods with weighing and measuring capacity (scale, ruler, etc.)
  • All hazardous materials (chemical, etc.)

6. Consumable Goods

Please avoid including food, alcoholic beverages or other consumables in the shipment. These items will cause delay in customs clearance and incur customs duties. It is best to source local food and beverages in Thailand instead. In case it is unavoidable, please contact Sun Expo Services Co., Ltd. for further shipment arrangement.

7. Insurance and Liability

Sun Expo Services Co., Ltd. will not accept any liability for loss of any business opportunities, loss of any damage to exhibits, or any cost of exhibiting at any time. It is the responsibility of exhibitors to arrange their own insurance. Sun Expo Services Co., Ltd. can arrange insurance coverage during its operation in Thailand upon request.

8. Shipment Deadline

All documents must be finalized and be made available to Sun Expo Services Co., Ltd. prior to 19 October 2018. Shipments arrival deadlines are as follows:

  • Ocean freight shipment arrival deadline: 5 November 2018
  • Airfreight shipment arrival deadline: 5 November 2018