General Information – ICCRF

General Information


Date: 29 November – 2 December 2018
Venue: Exhibition Hall 3
Chiang Mai International Exhibition and Convention Centre (CMECC)
Address: 456 Phatthana Chang Pueak Road, Chang Phueak, Mueang Chiang Mai 50300 Thailand
Exhibition area: 2,835 sqm


27 November 2018 09.00 – 18.00 hrs.Raw space move-in
28 November 201809.00 – 18.00 hrs.Standard booth move-in & Exhibitor badge pick-up
29 November – 2 December 201809.00 – 18.00 hrs.Show days
2 December 201818.30 – 22.00 hrs.Exhibition tear-down

Exhibition’s contents

The contents to be exhibited shall abide by the laws of Thailand, and respect the sovereignty and territory integrity of the country.

Exhibition area

The exhibition area includes Exhibition Hall 3.

Main events

  1. Exhibition: A trade show on copyright and content of publishing media and technology for children and youth in the form of B2B among potential publishing houses and other related parties
  2. Keynote Session: An exclusive experience for ICCRF participants to meet and listen to renowned experts in the industry who will gather and share their knowledge and experience at the event
  3. Free Forums by Exhibitors: A platform for exhibitors to exchange knowledge and share experience about media and technology for children and youth (advanced booking required)
  4. Business Matching: A session held to introduce exhibitors to each other and offer them an opportunity to discuss selling and buying copyright works (advanced booking required)
  5. Workshops: A platform for exchanging knowledge and sharing experience in the making of books and advancement of technology for children and youth
  6. ASEAN Illustration Contest: A chance for Thai and ASEAN illustrators, both professionals and amateurs, to submit and present their works to a wider public and expose their talents and creativity to the international standard. This will also be a chance for them to win the cumulative awards of USD 12,500.

Security and Safety

  1. The security team under the organizing committee will be responsible for general security. Should dangerous situations arise, please immediately contact the security staff.
  2. All facilities in the exhibition hall shall be used with carefulness.
  3. It is forbidden to bring any flammable and explosive substances into the hall.
  4. Please take care of your personal belongings at all times. Please contact the security staff as soon as possible if you have lost any valuables in the exhibition hall.
  5. Exhibitors shall follow the rules and regulations indicated in the exhibitor manual as well as the Organizing Committee’s suggestions.


The average temperature during exhibition days is 21 °C or 69.8 °F

Transportation guide

  1. By car: Heading to Phatthana Chang Pueak Road
  2. By taxi: Taxi Meter Chiang Mai: 053-214337, 053-214338 Please call ahead of time.
  3. By Songtaew: Tell the driver to go to ‘Soon-pra-chum-na-na-chat’ (Chiang Mai International Exhibition and Convention Centre or CMECC)
  4. Shuttle service: (during 29 November – 2 December 2018) Between the official hotels (ibis Styles Chiang Mai, Kantary Hills and The Imperial Mae Ping Hotel) and CMECC